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80W solar LED radiator  MG-F-80/100W-1

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  • Supply Ability: piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

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  • Packaging: piece

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80W solar LED radiator

  • Product ID:92017411116
  • Product Spec :MG-F-80/100W-1
  • Product Unit:piece
  • Product Memo:micro groove phase change LED radiator
  • Product Category :Main Productssolar Micro capillary LED radiator





1.Service life of more than 30 years ;

2.No flammable,explosive and toxic substances ;

3.Temperature range of application :-50~1200C (Environmental temperature);

4.Maximum temperature of radiator is 2000C;

5.Have no effect radiator when repeat to start light;

6.Withstand 10 KGS internal pressure,without bursting phenomenon at high temperature;

7.Testing environment of product performance:

No other cold and hot source existing ,no air flow in the indoor enclosed space ;

Pls demarcate thermo-element (thermal resistance) while measure the temperature ;

8.Temperature computational method:

In the indoor testing environment,pin temperature=standard difference+environmental temperature

Notes:When illumination in practical work environment,the above formula need to be revised,due to temperature difference

is more than standard temperature difference in the indoor testing environment for air convention in a large space.

Pls use below empirical formula to calculate pin temperature in the practical work environment:

Pin temperature<= standard temperature difference x 0.3+ ambient temperature .


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