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50W solar LED radiator  MG-F-50W-2

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Product Description

 Details of hi-power of micro capillary LED radiator


This is kind of radiator applied to microgroove phase-change technology.




Power specicfication

DC31V-1.6A  50W








5 years

temperature at experiment environment

LED chip temperature(℃)

environment temperature(℃)

standard temperature difference(℃)




Instruction and performance parameters of LED microgroove phase-change radiator

1.Service life of more than 30 years ;

2.No flammable,explosive and toxic substances ;

3.Temperature range of application :-50~1200C (Environmental temperature);

4.Maximum temperature of radiator is 2000C;

5.Have no effect radiator when repeat to start light;

6.Withstand 10 KGS internal pressure,without bursting phenomenon at high temperature;

7.Testing environment of product performance:

  No other cold and hot source existing ,no air flow in the indoor enclosed space ;

  Pls demarcate thermo-element (thermal resistance) while measure the temperature ;

8.Temperature computational method:

  In the indoor testing environment,pin temperature=standard difference+environmental temperature


Notes:When illumination in practical work environment,the above formula need to be revised,due to temperature difference

is more than standard temperature difference in the indoor testing environment for air convention in a large space.

Pls use below empirical formula to calculate pin temperature in the practical work environment:

Pin temperature<= standard temperature difference x 0.3+ ambient temperature .


Difference with heat pipe

It is similar to heat pipe formally, but different with heat transfer, structure and performance in essence.
1.Adopt the microgroove capillary composite phase-change heat transfer enhancement mechanism. Heat pipe is only ordinary liquid film evaporation.

2.Don't have heat-transfer limitation of heat pipe inherent ebullition, carrier, capillary force.

3.Don't have complicated problems of high contact thermal resistance and heat conduction resistance with heat dissipation of hi-power heat pipe and heavy equipment.

4.Don't have the problem of starting, working stability of heat pipe. 

5.The ability of absorbing heat is higher 100 times than heat pipe in unit area at the same temperature and the system is simple, smart and tight.


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