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50W solar LED radiator MG-F-50W-1

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Details of  hi-power micro capillary LED radiator

modelMG-F-50W1solar shape

This is kind of radiator applied to microgroove phase-change technology.




Power specification

DC31V-1.6A  50W





Weight kg)


  Time of warrantyyear


Temperature at experimental environment

LED chip temperature (℃)

Environment temperature (℃)

Standard temperature difference (℃)





     Characteristics of hi-power LED lighting resource radiator of         microgroove capillary phase change

      Microgroove composite phase change cooling technology has ultra heat conductive capability which can be reached to 1000 times higher than aluminium base. The technology has the function of transferring heat of the chip to every heat dissipation plane of unbounded aluminium base in time to realize the working temperature of LED chip is below 500C.

Thermal conductivity is bigger than 106 W/(m*0C).Copper is excellent good conductor and good thermal conductor ,whose thermal conductivity is 400 W/(m*0C) .MGCP has super heat conductor capability compared with copper .One solid copper rod with length 60cm ,diameter 1.3cm transports  200W hot energy under 1000C  working temperature and temperature difference both ends of copper is up to 700C. When half of above copper is made of heat-removing system for MGCP under the same condition ,its temperature is reduced 0.50C.The experiment indicated that MGCP has the feature of super heat conductive capability.


2.Cooling capability:

Absorbing heat flux density is up to 400W, 1000 times higher than water-cooled, approximately 100 times higher than heat pipe.

At standard atmosphere presses, the boiling point of water is 1000C.1 Kg water heats to 1000C  from 990C , and the heat energy of requirement measures to 4200 Joule; The temperature keeps unchanged when 1000C  water with 1 Kg becomes 1000C  vapors for absorption of heat, but the calorific value of suction is for 2260000 Joule .The water cooling is a sensible heat exchange and change thermal calorific value low, the MGCP technique is a latent heat exchange with more ability to exchange.1 Kg water heats 10C  to need 4200 Joule. The temperature keeps unchanged when 1000C  water with 1 Kg becomes 1000C  vapors for absorption of heat, but the calorific value of suction is for 2260000 Joule. Absorbing energy discrepancy between the two is more 500 times. Hence, the heat-exchange ability exists sharp differences.


3.Cooling with no power consumption:

Passive heat dissipation, don't need fan or water pump with no power consumption and unpowered operation. MGCP technique is skillful to make use of the energy that the big power electronic devices has fever to make absorbing heat medium evaporated to generate kinetic energy and potential energy, the vapor flows condenser congealing liquid with the aid of microgroove capillary force and liquid gravity to reflux into heat-removing system closed to the power electronic devices to realize without additional power.


4.Light weight ,small volume:

e closed heat dissipation circulating system 

The weight doesn't reach 25% of existing radiator and the volume is small to below 20%.


5.High reliability :

Simplicity and tightness of equipment, stabilization of working, no starting question,   reliability with more higher than fan, water cooling and heat-pipe radiator.


6.Low cost and energy saving:

The cost of products is smaller than the radiator of fan, water cooling and heat pipe; Phase-change working environment is smooth with no consumption. 


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